One morning, in the middle of the long war, he emerged from the tomb and the decisive blow was struck. Though the outcome is certain, our own battles aren’t over. We are attacked from all sides, but God himself fights at OUR side and he calls us CONQUERORS. He has won, the end is in sight, and we press on toward it. We march on with joy because we know he is with us, and we have everything we need to win this fight.
Join us for a powerful two-day conference dedicated to equipping and empowering women of all ages to walk in the freedom God has given us. It’s a time for women from all over the country to come together and discover the incredible things God wants to do through us to make an impact in our lives and our generations.
August 22-23
2-Day Event
Seacoast Church
Mount Pleasant, SC
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Lisa Bevere
Bestselling Author
Bianca Juarez Olthoff
Author, Speaker
Hosanna Wong
Author, Pastor, Spoken Word Artist
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