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I Didn't Know You Could Perform a Color

I Saw Pink

I once saw a group of modern dancers perform. To me, their dancing looked like a bunch of chaotic movements. They didn’t even have music! They gyrated around the stage while we listened to their grunts and huffs. I struggled to hold back my laughter.

After they finished, the leader explained that each dancer was portraying his or her favorite color. 

The first dancer stepped forward. “Mine was pink.”

Let us praise His name with Dancing.

Psalm 149:3
She clasped her arms around her body gracefully and yearningly and reached for the sky. Her movements, which seemed disorganized before, suddenly had meaning. I saw pink. I felt its warmth and sensed its loving energy. It was beautiful. I had never understood dance could mean something beyond accompanying music. 

As the other dancers performed their colors, a palette splashed through my mind’s eye. I wondered how I might dance my own favorite color, lavender. I doubt I would ever perform my interpretation on a stage, but I would see dance with new eyes in the future.
Psalm 149:3 says, “Let us praise his name with dancing,” and I realized how God delights in this special form of expression.
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