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Jenna Surratt

Sisterhood Pastor

We revel when He reveals

Covid swept the world
Like a cold tsunami wave
Injustice and unrest soon followed
Division did it pave

Masks, social distancing and pandemic
Words all too familiar now
We’ve felt pain and frustration
God wants us to have peace, but how?

We were all running hard
At an uncontrollable pace
For some this pause has been a sacred time
To rest and seek God’s face

But others have seen a harder season
Loss and canceled dreams this year
Unfolding in anger and depression
Turning into distractions and great fear

Instead of allowing evil
To come from all the strife
Soak in the Word of God
Breathed to bring you new life

Look at the birds, sand, flowers and stars
Feel the gentle breeze of the wind
As you stand in awe of sunrises and sets
Remember the Creator is our friend

Only love will melt the hate and confusion
And we are all presented with a choice
With the loudness of social media and news
Above any other, we must hear God’s voice

While I wish we could be together now
We hope you’ve gathered with a few
Because God’s goodness is in store
Fresh revelation is my prayer for you

We need a safe place to process and grow
To hear words of life and be understood
The enemy’s strategy is isolation
But we come together to form a mighty Sisterhood

Daughters of obedience
Seek God’s face each day
Worship truly the King of Kings
And in His favor you’ll stay

May you soak in the presence of our Lord
So he can comfort, strengthen and heal
He desires to show you more of his great Love
We revel when He reveals
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