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Jenny Mayer

Chosen Conference Director

Chosen Ladies,

Chosen can have a big impact on your life — trust me, I know. For several years, I was an attender just like you, and every year, God did miraculous things in my life, physically and spiritually. So I began serving behind the scenes, and then, as the administrative assistant to the director. Last year was my first year as the Conference Director. It is an incredible honor to be a part of Chosen because it can—and does — change lives.

I believe Chosen is one of the most important things we do at Seacoast — and that’s saying something since I’ve been at Seacoast my whole life. Our family moved from Illinois to start Seacoast over 30 years ago. It’s hard to believe that we began so small and have grown in so many unbelievable ways. But that’s how all worthwhile things begin…with that first step, a willingness to take that initial risk.

Chosen can be the start of something — it can be a marker in the journey of your life, like it has been for me... where you begin to feel called up to your purpose, where you hear that still small voice of God calling you out of your comfort zone. Where maybe you take that next step to serve or go on mission. It is where the army of God stands together to take new ground. It is the battlefield.

These are unforeseen times, but I know this: God is all knowing, all powerful, and completely sovereign. It is time to rise up to take hold of his promises and march on to proclaim the Good News. Let’s get ready because the King could arrive at any minute. Let’s make way!

I hope you experience the power of our awesome God and connect with other women to make lifelong friendships that can exponentially impact the Kingdom. I would love to get to know you at the conference. Make sure to join our private Chosen 2020 Facebook group, so we can chat! Actually, here... I’ll start: a little about me, I am married to Ben Mayer and I have three beautiful children Sadie, Rylan and Breck. Your turn.

Jenny Mayer
Chosen Conference Director
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