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You are not forgotten

Ashley Smith
Sisterhood Leader, Summerville Campus

He reached down from on high and took hold of me; he drew me out of deep waters.” 

2 Samuel 22:17

Have you ever felt alone? Unseen? Forgotten? Like an imposter in your own skin? Have you ever let your thoughts take you in a downward spiral, where it felt impossible to come up for air? 

I will never forget the months after losing my brother-in-law. I was sinking deep into grief and despair, wondering if God even saw me or heard my prayers. I couldn’t distinguish between the truth and my own thoughts. I remember trying to encourage someone about having hope, but leaving the conversation feeling like a fraud because I was losing hope in everything around me. I was losing my spiritual vision. 

One day, a friend asked me, “What are the good things that are happening in your life?” That question hit me in an unexpected way. I was so busy looking at all the bad around me, that I wasn’t looking for any of the good. That question was a hand reaching out for me when I was sinking. 

My vision had blurred, making me unable to see how God was working in the middle of this tragedy. I wasn’t allowing him into my pain. Refocusing my attention changed my perspective. It cleared my vision. The grief and pain were still there, but as I allowed God into those moments, a sense of hope rose in me. 

God sees you. He has not forgotten you. He is moving on your behalf even when things feel like they are falling apart. We need to keep our eyes on him. God is always there to rescue and hold us when we need him. Reach out and take his hand. 


  1. How have you let God in when your perspective has gotten blurry?
  2. Where do you need to refocus your attention in order to see God’s provision more clearly?
  3. What are the good things happening in your life?
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