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Andi Andrew

Author // Pastor
Andi Andrew has been in vocational ministry since 1998, the year her life was profoundly changed and saved by Jesus. She is the podcast host of Coffee With Andi, and the author of three books, She Is Free, Fake or Follower and Friendship-It’s Complicated. She is currently working on her fourth book due out March 2024. Passionate about wholeness, family and creating safe spaces for the prophetic to move, Andi is a heartfelt preacher who loves to see the reality of the Gospel outworked in our everyday lives. She and her husband, Paul, planted a family of churches that began in New York City in 2010 that they pastored together for twelve years. In 2021, Paul and Andi began to feel a shift in their assignment. They transitioned the church that they’d pioneered, and moved to Charleston, South Carolina in 2022, where Andi’s life is currently focused on raising her kids, writing, creating, and investing in local churches and lives around the world, including serving her local church community, Seacoast Church. Paul is now dedicated to providing care and community for leaders through Barnabas Network. The most fulfilling thing in Andi’s life, besides Jesus, are her husband and four kids Zeke, Jesse, Finley and Sam.

Becky Johnson

Pastor // Speaker

Becky Johnson is the Executive Pastor of Jesus Culture Sacramento, where she has served as the youth pastor for seven years. Her mission is to see young people encounter the extreme love and power of God that changed her own life in a radical encounter she had as a teenager. Becky attended three years of Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry before she began working with Jesus Culture in 2010. She and her husband, Jesus Culture artist and worship pastor, Derek Johnson, have three children and live in Northern California.

Irene Rollins

Pastor // Coach // Author

Irene is passionate about health physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. Irene is a pastor, certified emotional health coach, and the author of Reframe Your Shame: Experience Freedom From What Holds You Back. She draws on her training and her personal experiences overcoming alcohol addiction and trauma to help you become the best version of yourselves. Irene is a wife and a mother of three. Together with her husband of 24 years, Jimmy Rollins, she leads a marriage ministry called TWO=ONE.

Brandon Lake

Worship Leader
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